What we do

We help our partner companies expand into new geographies
and service lines and grow through strategic acquisitions

Finding Growth in Healthcare

The long-term drivers of growth in the health care sector include rapidly accelerating innovation addressing unmet medical needs, powerful global demographic trends and the globalization of health care. Within this environment, Alean Management Group seeks to invest in growth companies that are addressing unmet medical needs or making the health care system more efficient and cost effective.

Firm Overview

With offices in the US and Europe, Alean Management Group is a leading investment firm focused exclusively on the healthcare industries. Its mix of operational, medical, scientific and financial expertise allows the Alean team to serve as both a strategic and financial partner to European and North American small and middle-market businesses.

Our Strategy

With prioritized areas of focus in Third Party Administrators (TPAs) in the insurance and healthcare sector (providing medical case management services for medical billing and medical coding services), Alean helps partner companies internationalize, acquire, innovate and expand their products and services. Our model positions Alean to achieve targeted financial returns and deliver tangible strategic benefits through cost savings and enhanced value.

Dedicated Sector Experts

In this complex and rapidly growing sector, we believe it is critical to have an experienced team that seeks to understand both the science and the business of the companies in which they invest. The combination of deep, fundamental research and disciplined portfolio construction will lead to consistently strong results relative to both the health care sector and the broader equity market.

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